Press Pass Less Doomy. Still Doubtful of U.S. Team

If anyone can tell me where in the hell Tommy Smythe was able to purchase a Fruit Stripe gum neck tie please email me at once. I must have one (so I can hang myself with it).


ERic said...

Hm. First come from behind WCQ win since '85, and it's major problems? I guess if you're looking beyond qualifying, which they seem to be. Their whole tone is one of 'There are serious problems'... when what they're saying is they might go 3 and out in South Africa, but there aren't any serious problems with qualifying.

Yeah, they might go 3 and out in South Africa. But at this point, the draw will have the most influence on that, not whether we magically conjure a midfield general between now and then.

Anonymous said...

The current squad of players is not good. Bob Bradley is holding onto player that won't do anything in the World Cup and needs to find motivated players that will can make plays.

Demspey should be gone.
Beasley should be gone.
E Johnson should be gone. *watch him pop up again*
Altidore should be gone.
Adu should be gone.

We are locking ourselves in a squad that isn't motivated to do anything. I know it won't happen. the only thing we can hope it that after we get embarrassed in the Confederations Cup, that they fire Bradley, And we look at some players that can get things done for the US of A.

who cares if we get to the world cup when we know we get owned by Costa Rica and Honduras.*yes, they both played better than us* *only a prayer long ball that got us a pk saved us.*