NSR: Tom Morellobama


This has nothing to do with anything but I just had a sandwich in the presence of Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave/Street Sweeper Social Club guitarist Tom Morello (who incidentally is rocking a Fall River Marksman t-shirt is SSSC's upcoming video) and the freaky thing is dude talks EXACTLY like Obama. Same inflections, timbre & rhythm; seriously, it's crazy.

But it gets crazier, like "Mr. T singing songs about treating your Momma right"-crazy. A quick look around Wikipedia reveals that Morello's dad is a Kenyan, is from Chicago and graduated Harvard...kinda like Obama. So either there is a very, very specific Cambridge-via-Chicago accent that is most pronounced amongst half-Kenyans or these two guys are --wait for it-- THE SAME DUDE! I mean think about it for a minute. Have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

I'm turning of the comments on this one because this is not a debate or a conversation. This is a conspiracy.