NSR: Empire of the Sun "Standing on the Shore"

So one of my summer records is the debut from Aussie band Empire of the Sun. It's got Luke Steele from The Sleepy Jackson on vocals and it's like the antipodean MGMT. To call them extravagant, art-damaged nerds is an understatement; their videos are like freaked-out fantasy movies that make Fischerspooner's look like some high school drama student's class project.

With "Walking on a Dream" they tried to take us to the future (it was actually just Shanghai but the biggest influence on Chinese architecture appears to be The Jetsons). The follow up single "We Are The People" was some sort of blissed-out, Mad Max mescaline trip from the desert to the jungle. But their new video for "Standing on the Shore" is on some whole other sh*t.

Obviously these two spent a large portion of their youth engaged in marathon Dungeons & Dragons sessions; how else to you explain making a video that is essentially a mash up of The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and The Never Ending Story? Seriously, it's whacked out --I think I caught a glimpse of a minotaur in that cave and there are rhino and buffalo heads on sticks-- but I love it because it's nice to see people making videos that look like movies again instead of being on a boat or on stage.

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