NSR: Doves "Catch The Sun (Live)"

Going out to see Doves tonight. In solidarity, you should stay in and see them (unless you are in New York in which case you should get a ticket and get to the show).


Jamie said...

Nice. I've grown to like "Kingdom Of Rust" quite a bit. Title track has a great video, as well.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Bummed they didn't play Catch the Sun. Actually, I was shocked. I was certain they would close the encore with it.

Either way, they were brilliant. The songs off of Kingdom of Rust were excellent live, particularly The Outsiders.

Terminal 5 is an awful venue and awful location.

I hope they play Bowery or Irving Plaza next time.

SF said...

I know. Terminal 5 is like a big dance club from an episode of Miami Vice. Just big and impersonal. I'd love to see them play a theater like the Beacon.