MLS Advancer: RBNY vs. D.C. United

Sadly I will not be watching tonight's drudge match between RBNY and D.C. United; a man can only take so much footie-related failure in a 24-hour period (and I'm going to see Doves tonight). Maybe I'll watch it on the DVR tomorrow if I RBNY somehow manage to display something bordering on collective competence and pull out a shock win. But being that an end to the Montauk Monster mystery is far more likely, I'll settle for the ESPN preview since it's conclusion is much more open-ended.


Teddie Boy Eddie said...

I'll be at Doves, too.

Love the new record.

I can guarantee it will be much better than sitting through RBNY.

Anonymous said...

Yo, BAMALAMA here. Stop by Heathers Bar (506 13th St. bet A&B) tonite for some aftershow hijinks and punk soul buttah.