Messi x Champions League Celebration x Inebriation

Respect to our man Coachie Ballgames for hipping me to this awwwwwwwwwwwesome clip from Shey Hey. It's Lionel Messi post-Champions League win, post-sobriety. Lil fella just looks so happy doesn't he? $5 and a box of Chupa Chups says that he kissed at least one of his teammates full on the mouth before the night was through.

But enough about him, let's talk about me: aren't you stoked that I avoided the oh so obvious "Drunken Messi" headline? I could have quit sweets, scotch or BBQ with the amount of will power it took to leave that one alone but I chose to be selfless for your sake. You're welcome.


Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Dude looks totally messied up!

Leonardo said...

that and the "$5 and a box of Chupa Chups"

ya can't say much better than that!

Alan said...

I'm with you on the bet! I say he kissed Pique!

Nick said...

Dude, I was waiting for that headline! That would have been perfect! Also, I would pay to know what he was saying towards the end that was making the rest of the team absolutely lose it!