It's On: Old Rivals To Get It In One More Time


Damn, if ever there was a reason to broadcast a Lamar Hunt US Open Cup match that is not the final this is it. Portland won their second round match last night vs. some PDL side or other and will now host sworn enemy Seattle Sounders at PGE Park on July 1st. We thought the Rose City-Jet City rivalry was on ice on until 2011 but I guess beef waits for no one, least of all the guy making schedules for the USOC.

This is definitely one of the most compelling match-ups of the tournament and I'm guessing might be the most well-attended with significant showings from both home and away support expected. What I would do to be able to witness this; help us FSC you're our only hope.

Note: I have no idea wear this photo originated or who the women are in it, but I would like to salute all parties involved. You make this world a better place.


andrewk said...

'beef waits for no one," haha, nice.

Fish said...


All games are free and they have most every USOC game. They didn't have the Timbers last night but I think they were away to some PDL side, so if this is at PGE it should get broadcast.

SF said...


Had no idea they were doing USOC matches. Thanks for the heads up.

joey said...

Already bought my ticket. Come on Timbers!

Can we email FSC to get the game on?

Annabel said...

If you like that pic, you should see the rest. That's probably the most tame of the set. hawt! http://s126.photobucket.com/albums/p92/Nextlevel1860/Modeling/?start=0

Anonymous said...

I got my ticket.

Lucas said...

Word is our local Fox Sports affiliate is going to be broadcasting this match. http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/releases/?id=3847550

I don't know if FSN is available elsewhere by satellite, but I'd bet someone around here bootlegs the feed for justin tv some such outfit.

/getting geeked