Iranian Team Puts It All On The Line During World Cup Qualifying

Regardless of your politics you have to admit that it takes big, brass balls the size of Bruce Arena's ego to do what some members of Iran's national team did today. If you hadn't heard, 8 members of the selection wore green armbands showing support for the opposition of sitting president/despot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during their World Cup qualifier against South Korea. If you've seen the news the last few days you know that this is not the safest move.

As the commentator in the clip points out, it's one thing to protest the potentially rigged election in the street as a member of a mass. It's an entirely different --and more dangerous-- to be a public figure and make a statement on state TV on such large stage. I don't know enough about the opposition movement in Iran to endorse it but I have to say I am impressed with the players who were brave enough to stand up for their beliefs and the democratic process regardless of what consequences may lay in wait for them upon their arrival in Tehran. Godspeed gentlemen.

Thanks to Piotr O. for the video.


Anonymous said...

mousavi!! brave souls.

Anonymous said...

Bamalama agrees with this...

And importantly, the team played well on the road to get a vital point against always tough SKorea, and stay alive in WC qualifying. The players took the green bands off at the half, and then took a 1-0 lead 5 minutes after the restart!