"I Am a Patient Boy...I Wait, I Wait, I Wait, I Wait"

Not that I have much punk rock cred to squander but this is the only Fugazi song that ever really grabbed me. Since hearing it in the Christian Hosoi documentary --which I highly recommend-- over the weekend it's just been stuck in my head on a loop. And after the U.S. v. Egypt the lyrics kinda struck me...maybe Danny Califf had this on in the locker room before the game (he strikes me as the player most-likely to own a copy of 13 Songs) ?

I'm planning a big surprise
I'm gonna fight for what I want to be
I won't make the same mistakes
Because I know
Because I know how much time that wastes

Chuck Chandler, Braden and Patient Boy...this is your post, enjoy it.


joshualieb said...

Heath Pearce? Man, back in the day a guy with a name like "Heath Pearce" had to change his name to something like "Dirt" (true story - I got dumped in Junior High for a 16 year old gutter punk named Dirt) before he was allowed to claim Fugazi.

Now Danny Califf? Owns that shit on vinyl.

SF said...

OH YES! You're sooo right...I meant Danny 'The Tat' Califf.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jefe... now go check out the glee club version to the video you just posted. Brilliant.


SF said...

Haven't heard the glee club version but I have seen a marching band do it at a kick ball game (of course).

Dominghosa said...

Hosoi ruled. But was always a Tony Hawk fan first and foremost even when Hosoi was the king.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Of course, if he owns it on vinyl, he would have to own the original 12-inch, which has 7 of the songs, followed by the two 7-inch records for the remainder.

But, I've always liked "Repeater" better.

Jamie said...

Danny Califf strikes me as the most likely to own a copy of Static-X's "Wisconsin Death Trip." If anyone on the USMNT owns a copy of "13 Songs," I'll eat my hat.

Just calling it like I see it.

Anonymous said...

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