Giovanni Savarese Wants You To Be Safe (Or He'll Hurt You)

I think I need a new tag that's just a "WTF" tag. I'd use it for random, inexplicable things that make you wonder just exactly what it is you are looking at. Or things that you know what they are but not why they exist.

Things like all-time Metro great Giovanni Savarese --who never actually played for RBNY but that's just me being nit picky-- staring in an advert for OHSA. He looks pretty crazy in it doesn't he? Dude just might punch you in the throat if he hears from your shop steward that you cut off your hand in a bizarre miter saw accident. Stay safe people...or Gio will hurt you.


Anonymous said...

Metro all time goal leader (if you dont add the NYRB years to Mathis's total)

We gotta find this guy and make him the guest of honor at an ESC match viewing. Any leads TOR?

Vince said...

He's my cousin haha and he deserves to be in that ad he's a legend to metro fans so what if they changed their name, if you need any help getting him for a match viewing i might be your guy