The Benefit of Job Loss: No Excuse Not To Watch Soccer During Business Hours

So yesterday wasn't the best but I figure today will be a vast improvement. If you are in NYC and are feeling it, come celebrate soccer and my place in the unemployment line with me. I'll be posted up at Nevada Smith's with some of the ESC/North Jersey Brigade boys for the US-Spain match, then down to Sarah D. Roosevelt Park for Steve Nash's Showdown in Chinatown, then back to Nevada's for the RBNY-Toronto FC match. There are also 3 MLS/Superliga matches on TV tonight so it's pretty much soccer Christmas today.

It's going to be a blowout today/tonight but the job hunt begins in earnest on Thursday. Thanks for all the words of support yesterday; this sort of thing is always a stressful downer but it's nothing a bit of faith, friends and a day of futbol can't cure.


skierbum said...

Glad to see that you're finding a bright side to unemployment. And of course, a US victory over the best team in the world helps, too.

ICT said...

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Leonardo said...

sounds funky, but it's true: soccer has been the main source of cheer my past 3 weeks being unemployed.

being cheerful, i'm in a better state of mind to find something i like, and win it.

hope the same works for you!