Video: Bloomberg Interviews The Don

Dear American Non-Soccer Media-

Did you know that Major League Soccer was here before David Beckham? Are you aware that Major League Soccer will be here after David Beckham? Do you know that every time you conduct an interview with someone not named Beckham but spend 75% of your interview asking questions about him you only show your ignorance? I'd also like to point out that it is high time you begin looking into making a few new hairstyles available to anchor women; I think they would appreciate it if you let them brak out from the three looks that you currently offer them.

Some Guy


Anonymous said...

great look on that brennen goal

Anonymous said...


just another one of you said...

you've got to say Garber does well in these forums. He doesn't come off horrendously like NHL's Bettman, senile like Selig, or snarky like Stern

thanks for sharing

JustSoccerJerseys said...

Really like seeing Garber on this interview. Good pub for Major League Soccer.

Legionnaire said...
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Legionnaire said...

from a business aspect if MLS wants to continue to be a "Global Market" shouldn't he schedule MLS games around Champions league so that our teams don't look like crap when they play to an international audience