This Video Does Not Feature Bob Saget

I interviewed Chris Rolfe once. It was funny, but not "so funny neither of us can keep a straight face"-funny. Such is not the case with MontzTV's blooperfied interview with the Fire striker as there are more laughs in it than in that last Paul Rudd film (I Love You Man sucks, save your money).

And yes, the Montz doing the interview is former Chicago Fire defender Jared Montz. 'Memba him?


Jeff said...

thanks for having me!

Anonymous said...

You're the first person I've heard of giving I Love You, Man a bad review. I thought it was hilarious.

m vann said...

I wonder if there was a bong stuck in the cupboard they hit beforehand! That was hilarious. They couldn't hold it together for 30 seconds. That had a college feel ot it. Oh the good 'ol days! Give them kudos they had fun and that's was interviews should be about.

Jared Montz said...

m vann,

Hey man it's Jared Montz from MontzTV. I am glad you enjoyed the vid and got a great laugh out of it!

*Wanted to throw out a disclaimer before MLS calls up Chris Rolfe and has him drug tested!! Just to let you know there was no bong anywhere. Just good old fashioned regular laughs.

Thanks for watching! Full, more serious but still good, interview will be out Friday the 8th.