These Things Take Time

I've been on professional Daddy-duty since Wenesday but I think I'm going to try and ease back into the bloggeration. I'm sure I should be discussing the state of MLS officiating, big wins for RBNY and Columbus, expanded seating in Seattle or the Union of the Snake but like I said, I have to ease back into this. And besides everyone else is already talking about it so why add to the clutter.

So I'll just trhow up some random clip of some random chick moving to some random Europop with a soccer ball since the one thing on one complains about is the use of the "Flesh" tag.


HomeyBoehme said...

For a second I thought those were the new WPS uniforms.

Morry said...

You are aware that is a male, right?

oddly the word verification "Tragie" is only one letter off from "Tranie" which would be more suiting.