"The Old Horses" Victorious In RBNY Iron Chef Challenge


Check 'em out y'all. Juan Pietravallo may not win as many balls as I would like but he can win a chili cook-off. Well maybe not a chili cook-off, but he (along with teammates Jorge Rojas, Carlos Johnson and Alfredo Pacheco operated under the nom de cuisine Caballos Viejos) did lift some silverware in the 2nd annual RBNY iron Chef challenge.

At the other end of the spectrum was "Team Stanky Legs" consisting of forward Macoumba Kandji, Matthew Mbuta, Khano Smith and Nick Zimmerman. They put together some chicken in something called “Stanky Leg Sauce”. For their efforts, they were awarded a Fire Extinguisher. Now those are my boys but they should be glad that I was not a judge for they might have received worse for naming themselves and a meal after the worst song since Soulja Boy's "Crank That".


Cindy said...

it's a terrible song with an even worse dance... there is nothing to the dumb dance! make an effort people

Alan said...

I liked Kandji's quote about losing the competition:
"You are number one or you are nothing."

They should make that a team motto and something to aspire to (#1)

Demko said...

so now we understand why they signed pietravallo