Oh Noes! It's The Cosmos!


You really should read this. It's a bit long --in a good way-- so you might want to save it for lunch time so you'll have something to check out while your sandwich crumbs get all up in your keyboard. Designated Player Adam Spangler of This Is American Soccer went out to the New Jersey headquarters of Peppe Pinton, the man who owns the rights to the New York Cosmos, and came back with the tale of a man who after years of grandstanding and dillusion sounds a little desperate to get back in the game. Deperate enough to offer the Cosmos name to the Philly MLS franchise or to give it away for free to a second NY franchise...that would ground share with RBNY.

Sound crazy? It is. Read all about it at T.I.A.S.


Anonymous said...

Meh. Cosmos cosmos cosmos...I think Peppe needs something else in his life.

Don't really care about a team that ceased to play 25 years ago (his comparison with Seattle/Portland doesn't work - they've been playing all this time).

I think if someone wants to buy it from him, that's fine. If not, that's totally fine too.

But it sounds like he's just been holding on to the name to be a "player" with the big boys and be validated. And who needs that headache in the league?

The man needs to let go.

Anonymous said...

Same here. Let it go.

Dinosaurs are cool but that doesn't mean I want them back on the earth.

Anonymous said...

i want them back. have beckham exercise his supposed MLS option with the Wilpons.

tfina said...

So he does this now?

I hate him even more than I did before, if that was possible