NSR: Cold War Kids Redefine Music Video


You may have heard of Cold War Kids. You may not have heard of Cold War Kids. Regardless you have to see what they have done with the video for new single "I've Seen Enough". Just (shameless day job plug) go to MTV.com and start clicking around as you'll figure it out easier than I will ever explain it. This is on some whole other sh*t.


Barrak said...

Just like thought: Bassplayers = just happy to be there.

ben said...

Now that is one of the more interesting video concepts. Gimmicky or not, it does what it's supposed to do...get you to talk about the band.

This video combined with the Company of Thieves video has been quite a nice surprise.

Ryano said...

I've been listening to a lot of Augustus Pablo lately. So, it was only natural that I'd do a DIY Dub style thing. Heavy on bass and rythm... That was fun.