Macfarlane Dumps Share in D.C. United to Partner


Damn y'all. Dude couldn't get what he really wanted --a real estate development, not a soccer team-- and has hit the road back to San Francisco. On one hand it could be a good thing to drop some dead weight if the remaining partners are really committed. But on the other hand...well, the other hand the stadium situation must be next to impossible for land shark like him to walk away.


RP said...

Macfarlane's got bigger problems than DC United's stadium deal to work on.

His net worth has dropped massively due to the real estate bomb. His company has a $1B project in CA in default. Macfarlane is cutting expenses all over the place, including putting his unfinished pimp pad up for sale in San Fran http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/08/28/BUP012JEK7.DTL

This is a sign of his/our economic realities more so than the sky falling for DCU.

Brian K said...

Sounds like MacFarlane only wanted to use the team for his own good with regards to development.

I don't take this as a sign the stadium situation is impossible, just as a sign it was going to be impossible for him to get the development rights associated with a new stadium.

Anonymous said...

sounds like he is on his way to be part owner of the Earthquakes. Yay even a better stadium for me!

peteo said...

Hope so, Anonymous. Anything to speed up the stadium process, helps.