In Pictures: RBNY vs. US Navy on the Flight Deck of the USS Intrepid


Here's a few photos I snapped at RBNY's event this afternoon at the Intrepid Air, Sea & Space Museum. It was hot (90 degrees) but fun to watch the guys mess around in short-sided games versus the Navy team from the USS Roosevelt; an unconventional venue was a very unique look for the team and a welcome break from the normal promo op. Besides, how often to you get to see soccer on a mother f*cking boat?


I ran into these three while crossing the street to the ship. Had a good laugh with Rojas about whether this match will count against his suspension or not.


The Navy team. A little chunky at forward, but so is Clint Mathis (and he's a God).


Alfredo Pacheco talkin' to a MILF and her daughter...strictly in the name of fan interaction of course.


Mac Kandji is at the forefront of this photo but what the hell is Andrew Boyens doing over to the right? Looks like he's either finding Jesus or involved in a game of invisible limbo.


They manaaged to keep the ball in from going overboard...until the game started.


Jon Conway rolled up with his man-bag and shorts like he was heading to the beach.


One of these teams has a much better defensive reputation than the other.


Seth Stammler smiles for the cameras.


I'll be honest and say that I left within 10 minutes of the match starting as I had to get back to work but what little actual play I saw was highly entertaining. Dudes were having fun, making fancy little flicks and sending only a few balls into the Hudson. The poor seaman in this photo had it a little rough though; he hit the metal goal so hard there was an audible "Oooooh" from the gallery that was probably heard across the water and into Jersey.

TIAS was there too and have much better pictures. You should check them out. Or Not.

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Sterlinho said...

Your comments are the best. The MILF and her daughter and the Andrew Boyens dis are the best. Thanks for posting the pics.