FC Dallas v. LA Galaxy: The Real Reason To Go


You know, I was kind of down on FC Dallas' "Drew Carey glasses night" promotion a last week; I just found it odd that the fashion foibles of the owner of the opposition was made the draw instead of Freddy Ljungberg or something. But hey, they've redeemed themselves though with their excellent Memorial Day promotion: a crawfish boil!

This is pretty much all you need to know:
  • $1 draft beers
  • $3 hurricanes
  • $8 crawfish buckets (includes sides)
It's enough to make this Creole kid all misty-eyed for the trail rides and zydeco shows behind grandma's church of my youth. Damn, I wish I was going to this. Seriously, this event may even top The F*cking Catalina Wine Mixer™.


Anonymous said...

Love crawfish boil. Didn't know they get that stuff in Dallas. I'd be at every game if that was the case. Gonna have to make a trip to Mara's Homemade soon.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I would almost go to a F*C* Dallas game for all that