Video: Rohan Ricketts on "The Footy Show"

People wonder why Toronto FC gets taken seriously by the city's populace. MLSE definitely gets to take a lot of credit for that as do the city's inhabitants. It also has to be said that a big part of it is the local and national media treating the sport, the team and the players like they're big time. Take The Footy Show on national sports network The Score for instance. What would it take in America to get Chris Klein on the couch on ESPN proper when it's not part of a a pre or post-game show? Nothing short of Congressional intervention.

I'll be ranting about this over the course of the day. Sorry. I'm grumpy and a feeling a little inferior and underserved at the moment.

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MVallo said...

The Score is the best sports channel in Canada. They are the only sports channel here that realizes that Canadians are capable are following more than just Hockey.