Video: Interview with Red Bull Salzburg Honco Heinz Hochhauser

Red Bulls Reader bum-rushed Red Bulls Salzburg Sporting Director Heinz Hochhauser a few weeks ago and talked about Red Bull Salzburg's season, is European Golden Boot candidate in Marc Janko, and Red Bull Salzburg's new coach and soccer academy's in Ghana and Brazil. Say Heinz, what do you think the odds are of us ever seeing one of those kids from Africa or Brazil playing in NY when we can't even get one of the kids from our local academy?


vic10 said...

As of today, we are averaging 29,664 fans (if I did my math correctly). Excluding the opening match, when the entirety of the Brougham End was open, we are averaging 28,711 per match.

(28,711 x 14) + (opening day's 32,523) ÷ 15 home matches=

28,965 per match average for the remainder of the season. This assumes that we continue to sell out (this assumption is not so far fetched as we have currently sold out into July), and it assumes that we do NOT open the remainder of the Brougham End for any other games.

Now putting this 28,965 in context...

This is higher than 7 teams in the Bundesliga. (18 teams)
This is higher than 9 teams in the Premier League. (20 teams)
This is higher than 13 teams in La Liga. (20 teams)
This is higher than 14 teams in Serie A. (20 teams)
This is higher than 17(!) teams in Ligue 1. (20 teams)
This is higher than all teams other than Celtic and Rangers in the SPL. (12 teams)
This is higher than 15 teams in the Dutch Eredivisie. (18 teams)

Anonymous said...

it's like watching the mexican or israeli version of sesame street.