Video: Awaydays Trailer

The boys over at The Original Winger reminded me that a big-screen adaptation of one of the rarest (and most expensive) books in the T.O.R library is on it's way to stateside cinemas next month. Taking place in 1979 Awaydays is a coming of age story about a Liverpool lad blah blah blah soccer blah blah blah fashion blah blah blah girls blah blah blah fisticuffs. Oh and the soundtrack is impeccable if you, like me, are into old people music.

In short it's Trainspotting for the soccer set. It's a pretty good book but having seen what happened to Fever Pitch I'll keep my sights set low and pray that the filmmakers overdeliver on this one.


SCNewJersey said...

expensive? shit, i bought a copy off Amazon a month ago for 8 bucks total (shipping included)... that being said, it is probably my all time favorite book. it's like if Fever Pitch, Clockwork Orange, and Catcher in the Rye had a baby... and that baby was a Tranmere fan.

Dominic H said...


I got a chance to interview the actors who play Carty and Elvis in the film. Here's a link to the interview on YouTube.



edgar said...

Old people music? I'm there with you sir. Looks like a fantastic sound track.