RBNY vs. D.C.: I Lose Twice


So I skipped going to the RBNY-D.C. United match yesterday and planned to watch it on DVR Sunday night. After a day out chasing the little guy around I was all stoked to sit on my ass and take in the game finally at about 10pm.

After the 1st D.C. goal I was less excited, but hung in long enough for the New York come back. And then in the 86th minute the broadcast fades to black on MSG Network and the Rangers post-game show starts up. I'm pissed but so beat by what's been a long week & weekend by this point that I just mumble something to the effect off "of course this would happen the one time we are beating D.C." and shuffle my exhausted ass up the stairs assuming that the home team walked away with three points.

By the time I reached the top of the stairs I remembered that this was no ordinary home team, this was New York; the name may have changed but it is still Metro so I better check the scores on the iPhone...just to see. So you can imagine the non-surprise I got when I see that they somehow managed to concede 2 goals in those waning minutes, finding yet a new way to snatch defeat from jaws of victory. So. Lame.

But not as lame as MSG for switching programs in the middle of a game. Metro is terrible but those guys are just disrespectful. If they didn't employ Uncle Shep for all these years I might have sterner words but since they are doing their part to help the aged I will leave it be...so long as they don't do it again.

EDIT: You know the more I think about it maybe MSG did me a favor by not letting me witness the collapse at the end. I already have enough United-related mental scares stored in the soccer portion of my head.


eightyhoursaway said...

they moved the match to msg+ in the 86th minute or so...at least they didnt take it off the air completely.

SF said...

Yeah, but that only helps if you are watching it live. No way to know that if you are DVRing. MSG hates me.

Cindy said...

"the name may have changed but it is still Metro"

ugh. no truer words.

Jared said...

even though MSG moved the match to MSG+ (which in my panic, I had no idea which channel it is), who the hell switches from a live soccer match to a POST GAME Show???? I'm seriously never watching MSG again. It was almost as lame a move as Conway's flopping around on both of those goals.

At least I got to practice my spanish comprehension skills some when I switched to Telefutura or Univision, or whoever was carrying the match in Spanish. Even though I was crying about the 3rd DC goal, I've got to hand it to the commentators for rubbing it in with the "And *DC Player* wants to thank Pacheco for that little gift he just gave, and DC have come back and won it!"


Anonymous said...

they did you a favor. They did a;; red bull fans a favor. Im sure you wouldnt want to see the meltdown right?

Hrdina said...

I had the same experience. My son had a game up in Wyckoff, so I dutifully set my DVR before we left. I had the choice of either MSG or MSG+ and, seeing no distinction between them, randomly selected MSG.

I started to get nervous as every few minutes they mentioned that MSG would switch to the rangers post-game show, hoping that the hockey game would drag out for another 10 minutes. No such luck.

I immediately moved to my computer and went to the RBNY site, hoping against hope that this time would be different.

121 said...

3-2 to the red and black. wins on and off the field.

Brian said...

I made my first road trip game from DC to see it. I won tickets from Amtrak to the game and brought my brother with me. We had a blast, but with the hassle it took to get to Giants stadium I can see why you don't have better attendance. My train went right by the new stadium, which looks great. I predict you guys will do much better there. I can't bust on you guys for losing, that wouldn't be right.