NSR: Warm Up Your Credit Cards, It's Festival Season!

Chi-towners and those who have managed to hold onto that portion of your money once known as "discretionary income"...are you going to Lollapalooza? I would love nothing more than to see Depeche Mode, The Gaslight Anthem, Band of Horses, Kings of Leon, and one million other bands that I am too lazy type right now but I plan on being broke this summer so the wife can take a few months off with the kids. Ain't love some something?

Anyway, there are an absurd amount of good bands on the decidely centrist bill this year so if you have the means and inclination I'd recommend checking it out. Just watch the video to see who else is lined up for this year's festival of commercial alt consumerism (but sadly the band from Chuck E Cheese will not be appearing at the show although I think they make a cameo in this video).

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Anonymous said...

Hells yeah, Robert Earl Keen here in Chicago!

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