NSR: Phoenix "Lisztomania"

According to Wikipedia "The term "Lisztomania" was coined by the German romantic literary figure Heinrich Heine to describe the massive public response to [composer Franz] Liszt's virtuosic piano performances. At these performances, there were allegedly screaming women, and the audience was sometimes limited to standing room only."

It's also the latest single from Phoenix, who have named their upcoming album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Apparently they're on come classical music trip at the moment...just like the f*cking French, innit?


Anonymous said...

this sucks...emo sucks

SF said...

I can't argue that whether this sucks or not as the opinion is up to the individual. I can say though that this certainly would not fall under the category of "emo". I can also confirm though that 'emo' does in fact suck.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Not if it's the true emo of Rites of Spring and Embrace circa 1985 in DC. That was the shit!

Everything since ... major suckage.