NSR: Daft Punk Unmasked in LA

Well just one of them really. Thomas Bangalter dropped the robot schtick for one night and people haven't been so excited in a club since "Free Ecstasy" night. The elusive French hitmaker behind classic Daft Punk joints like "Da Funk" and "Aerodynamic" hit the decks at LA's Cinespace for Busy P's birthday soiree at the Dim Mak party and played (get this) only 3 songs.

Most DJ's would get stabbed if they tried to drop only 3 records yet this guy does it and folks are actually bragging about being there when it happened. My guy Bryan was there and put it in perspecitve: "It was like you went to the beach and all of a sudden Nessie surfaced just long enough for you to say "oh sh*t", take a picture and freak out. And then it was over".


Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

How hard are you fighting back a "Human After All" pun? It takes superhuman strength to avoid it.

SF said...

HAHAHA. Thanks for saying it so I don't have to.

BTW I see you are messing with Miike Snow...you have to check out the track "Burial".

A.Ruiz said...

Although, if you really were really cool. You would have seen them years ago when they played clubs, right? Right?

SF said...

If I was cool which I am not. I thought I was at one point but as of Monday I am now 33 years old and in less than 2 weeks I will have children (plural) so I think most of the nation's youth would consider me out of the running.

I will say that I was down with them since the day, but unfortunately during "the day" I was living in Texas and they never played there on the one tour that they did back then. I did however dance on stage with The Prodigy on the Music for the Jilted Generation tour...easily the highlight of my raving career.