LA vs. Chivas USA: Let The Hype Begin


Soccernet's Jeff Carlisle gets the engines warm for the first Superclasico of 2009. With the way LA has played so far, on paper this should fall to the Goats. But the derby atmosphere is the wild card as it always elevates the level of play to unusual heights. It really is a toss up for me...what do y'all think?


andrewk said...

LAs been so bad there's no way Chivas doesn't come out on top in this one.

I really hope that happens as well. I'm completely east-coast but my loathing for LAG has significantly increased with all this Beckham bullshit. I love seeing Arena wearing that smug and pissed off look during postgame conferences where his team just got their asses handed to them.

KCB said...

I'll be watching KC shock Seattle. C'Mon Wizards!

Leonardo said...

no wizadry there, seattle will annihilate them.

as for the SoCal classsic - superclasico - i'm glad it's gotten heated up. i'm hoping we see a high goal score - then someone wins it in injury time - like LD or Sascha