Inside The Marketing Minds Behind The Sounders Launch


You guys already know that I am a nerd for soccer and music. I also completely geek out on marketing, advertising, branding and things of that nature. So this interview with a few of the big brains at Wexley School for Girls is so up my street.

Don't let the playful name (and equally irreverent website) fool you; they may be a non-traditional ad agency but they go hard and as their blog says, they will help you get your "mind blown out of your ear canal". If you've got the time & inclination, you should definitely give this article a read; whether you love or loathe Sounders you can't deny that the team's launch was anything but outstanding and raised the stakes for the next few American soccer teams that come along.

Philadelphia, you are now on the clock so if you're reading this Nicky Sak I recommend you print this piece, memorize it and distribute it amongst your staff. Or better yet place a call to 206.4388.900 ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Great reads, thanks man.

If only our NY team was started this way in fantastic "MLS 2.0" fashion. Count me as jealous.

Anonymous said...

That's funny! When we went to Seatlle for the Sounders/Red Bulls match last month, our hotel was right next to the Wesley School for Girls. We actually thought it was a school for girls. Ha, ha!

Jared Montz said...

Really wanted to read this article, but tried to click the link for the article and it said it wasn't viewable 7 days after posting. Any other place to view it without having to be a member to their site??