Forget What I Just Said About That Keller Commercial

I think I like Nate Jacqua's a bit better. Perhaps because he's a field player I feel that he's far more likely to end up needing an X-ray thus the whole thing becomes that much more believable and authentic. If I ever break my booty bone or eat some bad shellfish in the City of Rain, Miss Mason gets my co-pay.


Nate said...

Wanna know what kasey keller and nate Jacqua have in common (besides both playing for Seattle), they both went to my alma mater... University of Portland.

Leonardo said...

everything seattle does is polished - all their marketing - from their websites - to their sponsors ads - everything looks so damn good

how can u not like 'em?

JL said...

Leonardo, I agree with you all the way. They are so official, jeeez! Makes me have a love/hate type of thing for them.

On another note, if American players can move like Nate did over here, how come we don't see more of that in games? It'll be so cool to this kind of talent.