Bruce Arena Getting The Band Back Together


LA has officially signed U.S. international Greg Berhalter. So to recap Bruce brought Eddie Lewis in last season, picked up Kirovski in the supplemental draft, was able to keep Landon from falling into German hands, pulled Tony Sanneh in from mothball storage and now has Berhalter to help organize the defense. How long before he convinces Cobi to take of the suit and suit back up?

Basically LA's new plan for success is to recreate the 2002 national team to the best of it's ability. Sounds cool in theory but did you see how well that Smashing Pumpkins reunion worked out?


Edellaine said...

Yeah, I overpaid at $46 a ticket to see them at UCSD. Sorta like how I wasted my scholarship money on Galaxy tickets instead of food.

Hopefully Bruce is bringing them in as a stop-gap till we can accumulate more rookies; when the rookies improve.

jamesey said...

damn. the galaxy are my favorite team and the pumpkins are my favorite band. this post hurts!

Anonymous said...

Cobi still has it.

Alexi Lalas said...

Hey Bruce! I can still play. Call me.

Leonardo said...

"...in from mothball storage"

great line