Blanco y Marrufo: This Maybe Sorta Kinda Looks Sketchy


It may turn out not to be as sketchy as it seems on paper but this kinda looks sketchy. Even if Blanco was just giving him a jersey for the hell of it it's crazy-poor form of him to do it at a game. Thank God he was never in the mafia.

Between some of Carver's comments and this, MLS officiating is really having a rough week. Maybe it'd be a good idea to cancel this week's games and send all the guys with FIFA badges on their shirts to a spa or something in Sonoma to unwind with a bottle of chardonnay. That seems to work pretty well for moms when they are having a rough one. They come back all refreshed and tan and way more agreeable. It may sound unorthodox but I'm telling you it would be a win for all parties.

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Jared Montz said...

Good advice on what the refs should do to clear their minds! Maybe you should become a personal well being consultant??

P.S. Lots of drama in the MLS lately right??