Bands My Mother Called Devil-Worshipers: The Jesus & Mary Chain

I wanna die just like JFK,
I wanna die on a sunny day,
I wanna die in the U.S.A.

I wanna die
I wanna die
I wanna diiiiiie

That's the hook to one of the catchiest song that JAMC ever put out, "Reverence". The song actually begins (well, the song begins with an unholy squall of feedback and chemical beats but the opening lyrics begin with) "I wanna die just like Jesus Christ". I swear my mom almost drove me straight to our priest for an exorcism when she heard me singing along to it. Anyway I ran across this today while blogging for the day job and it's been on all morning. Bruce, this is for you.


Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome. That's your day job? Tell me, how did you score that?

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

I hear ya. I used to sing "I saw your mommy and your mommy's dead" by Suicidal Tendencies to my mom in the car. She didn't care for that one too much.

Josh said...

Honey's Dead is one of the greatest albums ever.

Also, JAMC is one of the greatest bands ever.

Wolfie said...

JAMC rocks. I saw them in concert several times during my misspent youth. They first became big in the UK after they played at my polytechnic and a riot broke out.

Jamie said...

I once listened to this song 25 times straight.

Because it's just that good.