You Too Can Pick RBNY's Starting XI


Like many of you out there in Soccersville, I too was perplexed at RBNY coach Juan Carlos Osorio's decision to insist on starting Juan Pietravallo. Some may say that it was due to the unavailability of Seth Stammler and the newly acquired Alberto Celades. While that is both a logical and sound conclusion to draw, T.O.R will respectfully disagree for we know the real answer behind this mystery; JCO's lineups are truly as random as they appear to be.


gpullis said...

That's hilarious. Unfortunately the generator gives options like 3-4-3 which is totally dreaming.

Pietravallo is a walking red-card and Rojas always seems to be kicking the ball in the wrong direction.

Other than that, and really missing van den Bergh, I'm pretty psyched about this year's team. I'm looking forward to watching Kandji and Cepero mature. I hope they're around for a long time to come.

... sorry for the rambling ... love this site.

Anonymous said...

Please stop. The crap this guy and Rojas take from all amateur RB supporters is really ridiculous. Rojas is quality. He had the best and really only shot of the game. If it goes in you're screaming golazo. It was the only moment of excitement for me the whole match.

And I watched Pietravallo single handedly shut down DeRosario and Jaime Moreno last year getting in their heads and giving them hell. Name me one player on Red Bull that had a better game then either of these guys. You can't. Because everyone was terrible. Even Angel. But for some reason everyone loves to hate 'Vallo and Rojas. Why no mention of your beloved Mike Petke with his Claudio Reyna-esque World Cup '06 giveaway goal? Amazing how he gets no heat. Nor does Cepero who gets nutmegged for one goal and lets another ball in that was going so slow I had time to do my laundry. C'mon.

gpullis said...

People give Cepero a break because: he's adorable; he was thrown into the 1st team in a tough situation; through dumb luck and AstroTurf, he scored a goal.

Cichero is the other guy we used to bust on, but he's gone now.

Perhaps Rojas takes more heat than he deserves, but for some when he does make a mistake it's extra memorable.

Pietravallo on the other hand gets way more cautions than any fan can honestly defend.

As far as me being an armature RB fan, well that's fair. I'm new to this. I just hope my enthusiasm can outweigh my idiocy and that I don't over offend anyone.

OTOH, I came to my opinion by watching games, not just reading blogs. I don't think I'm completely crazy.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't speaking to you specifically gpullis. I was addressing SF and all the other random misguided haters on the blogs and what not. Not that SF is a totally misguided hater, but on this topic, I think he's way off.

SF said...

I certainly may be wrong and I hope that by mid season I am. But I just don't see how he's a better option than Stammler (especially at his price).