Wild, No Buckwild, Hawks Remind Sounders Whose House They Are Playing In


"Nothing ruins an opening night like bird carcasses strewn about the stadium. According to a source close to the team, Seattle Sounders FC has abandoned plans to have doves fly around Qwest Field on Opening Night after at least three were killed by marauding hawks."

According to Hotdog & Friends, that was the scene at the Sounders closed-door match vs. Colorado last Thursday. Apparently the local Seahawks --they are NFL mascots afterall-- wanted to send a message to the soccer folks to remind them that Quest Field is in fact their house and they will protect it. One of them even "killed a dove, dropped the carcass into the stands, and then went back for seconds."

I wonder if these birds have an agent; surely their confrontational attitude is worth a 3-advert deal with Under Armor.

Props to for Joamiq the find.


joel es latest soccer news said...

That is too funny.

JL said...

lmao at the pic and the caption

Anonymous said...

I heard it was only 1 dove. Still funny

Anonymous said...

LMFAO ayo that photo caption is classic, well played sir lol.

Justice from the Big D said...

i nearly pooped my pants laughing out loud at work over that caption, son!

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