Video: Sportcenter's Exclusive Interview with David Beckham

And so the spin begins. In all the hype that surrounded David Beckham's first 2 season's in America, did you ever once see him give an interview to Sportscenter? I didn't. Seems like he and his camp might be able to hear the dogs barking outside the door and are launching the charm offensive on the American front well ahead of his return.

Will it work? Personally I thought he came off as disingenuous but I think that my disappointment in his choice to undertake a quest for glory instead of honoring his commitments will taint my view of him for some time. He's really trying to sell it though by thinking that 95% of Galaxy fans will still be in his corner, bigging up Tim Leiweke, saying that the Gals have drafted well (like he could actually name a single draft choice, let alone posses a fair assessment of their skill) and that LA won't try and stand in his way in regards to playing in international match's (obviously he doesn't read anything Bruce Arena says).

But that's just me and it might well be a different story everyone else since the American people have shown a near heroic ability to forgive our celebrities for their betrayals. Take R. Kelly for instance; the guy pees on teenage girls (don't front America, you know you've seen the tapes and you KNOW it's him) and yet somehow received an NAACP Image Award the following year AND had a number 1 hit with "Ignition". Now David's not a creep like that but if folks will forgive a kiddie fiddler they're sure as hell capable of getting over a selfish soccer player's World Cup compulsions in a real hot minute.

I have to give it up to ESPN's Hannah Storm on the interview though. She didn't pull any punches but she didn't come off like a jerk. Becks however did OK in that department. I did have a nice chuckle though when he said that his first game back against NY will be "interesting" and "special". Oh David...you have no idea how interesting North Jersey can be.


Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

R. Kelly pissed on one kid, Becks pissed on a few thousand.

And he can't even sing.
Efph Beckham.

UnionCityBlue said...

He's an ambassador for MLS and plays the odd game for the Galaxy - he's never promised anything else. And MLS bought into that.

Did anyone see him interviewed on the 'Today' show this morning, his latest club were referred to as 'Team AC' ..... you had to love his wry smile.

peteo said...

Those are definitely some grenades HS sent at him. Tough to stay composed and say the right things to not flame the hating even more. Props for that at least.

And "the MLS"...lol.

FC Uptown said...

Better than Gammons interviewing A-Roid!

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

I love it. Comparing Becks to R. Kelly.

Real Talk.