Seattle's Outsized Scarf is an Inspiration (To Dumb Ideas)

They put a scarf on the space needle. If RBNY win on Thursday can we get one of ours run up the pole? It would only be fair they got owned by JPA & co....hey there's an idea.

What if every team in the league had a flagpole or some other designated high-point in their city that when the team wins, they fly their flag but when they lose the opposition gets to have their colors up? Oh how D.C. fans would dies a thousand deaths if ever a an NY flag waved in the winds over RFK. Houstonians would laugh until Shiner Bock came out of thier noses at the sight of Pizza Hut Park shaded by orange nylon. Oh well, I can dream can't I?


devin said...

it's spelled "flag"

Sterlinho said...

They hung a flag on the Space Needle, the scarf is on the Tully's Brewery.