Video: The MLS Ultras Show Talk Pro/Rel

On no, not this again.


Anonymous said...

I cry every time someone brings up this topic, we are not Europe, get over it.

PS. every single
American fan of european soccer who promotes the idea is probably a fan of one of the elite clubs...not a Reading or Leeds ...or Levante. etc

Anonymous said...

I cry whenever I watch this show.

It's terrible

Anonymous said...

I can refute everyone of their arguements...

1.)The MLS is a franchise system and the owners wont want to lose their investment.

Response: The cost of an MLS franshise right now is a miniscule $40 mil. And thats for a new franchise, the old ones paid alot less than that. Point being, possible the 5 or 10 years from now the value of second division side may be $40 mil. So if done right, a relegated team, would not lose that initial investment, infact it would probably go up because of increased fan support.

2. Sposors would pay less because of the threat of relegation.

Response: true, but sponsors of second division sides would pay more because of the possibility of promotion, making the entire amount revenue neutral. The MLS as a whole would not get less revenue because of it.

3. No owner would pay for a club if there was a chance to get relegated.

HELLO, it happens all the time. Clubs from all around the world are sold on a regular basis. People constantly pay big money for clubs dispite the fact that there is a chance they would get relegated.

And lastly, we have some of the best business minds in the world here, if we wanted to make it work we certainly could.

The only reason it wont happen is if all you assholes keep telling people that it is impossible. All that serves to do is to stop the fans from demanding it.

John said...

the above is an idiot

Gary said...

i dare these fuckers to come to 16A and we'll show them who one of the best supporters groups are. quality, not quantity.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:50

wow dont you sound arrogant..."i can refute anyone blah blah blah

i cant refute everyone but I can sure refute you. This is America; not Europe. We dont have century old soccer clubs with established fan bases who would support a club regardless of relegation. The average MLS club's attendance is under 20K and will definetley plummet if a team was relegated and less fans means investors and less investors means less money. NO MONEY MEANS TEAMS COLLAPSE!!!!

just imagine the state of the league if the Galaxy get relegated. Besides, i love playoffs...its so american :]

gpullis said...

While this show was painful to watch, I have to admit that their points about relegation are good ones. I was a supporter of relegation, but now I'm rethinking it. I'm still looking forward to the relationship between MLS and USL becoming a more formal 1st division - 2nd division one.

gpullis said...

Oh, I just wanted to add...

I think it would be completely awesome if the Galaxy got relegated. :P

Anonymous said...

anybody who wants the possibility of their team being relegated is an idiot.
why would you WANT that?
it's a misguided ideology of pure competition that doesn't exist in Europe. In Europe, you avoid relegation by SPENDING MORE MONEY THAN THE OTHER TEAMS.
Wow, ain't that great? Soccer competition decided by money not good coaching, strategy, youth development... just money.
And the perceived benefit of relegation -- that teams play harder or try harder to win -- already happens in MLS.
Columbus went from the bottom of the league to the top in 3 seasons, without the pressure of relegation.
Relegation is unneeded.. and I don't want my team relegated to the USL where I have to watch the Austin Aztex and Carolina Railhawks come to town. There goes all my rivalries with MLS opponents.

joel es latest soccer news said...

Picture DB and LD playing in the MLS second division. Now that would be funny.

thepuck said...

I feel like the promotion/relegation argument always comes up from recent fans that just discovered the European leagues and haven't thought about how it wouldn't work here.

And I like how the 7:50 commenter talks about $40 million likes its nothing.

Anonymous said...

We have a single entity system. people need to understand how MLS works before they make these comments in regards to how Europe works. Each team is a part owner of the LEAGUE. They have the operating rights to a club. How can you kick out an owner? Why would owners ever vote for a system where they could be kicked out? They have lost money for 15 years and now they finally are making some cash and you think any owner would vote for this?