Video: Hollywood United Turn It Out For Australia

If you read my dudes at The Original Winger you probably heard about the benefit game that Hollywood United put on for the victims of the recent Australian wildfires. And if you watch the clip above close enough you may even see TOW's Dunny in the lineup for the yellow shirts. And even if you're not trying to watch too closely, you may also get an eyeful of Sex Pistol Steve Jones' impressive beer gut. But most importantly you will get an eyeful of Anna Paquin's cute cleavage. Sorry to get all "ladish" on you ladies, but that girl just does it for me.


Jared said...

Anna: "I'm seeing two of everything right now."

SF: "Funny you say that, so am I."

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Wow, Jonesey's belly is massive.

Cindy said...

ain't no shame in your game SF, i enjoyed looking at Jesse Spencer