Video: Freddie Ljungberg Readies For 1st MLS Match

Predictions: will he be an Angel or a Reyna? Personally, I'm feeling pretty good about him.


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling pretty good about him too. He seems to have an excellent attitude, and he also seems to be taking it seriously. Top that off with the Sounders slowly incorporating him into the roster (I believe Sigi said he won't start on Saturday), and I think he's gonna be great. Everything about the Sounders Organization is class. What's REALLY good is that the image of the team isn't even built around him, unlike the Galaxy. If he sucks, its no big deal. Just drop him off after this year.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see that Sounders FC TV host guy, I think of ol' Gil from the Simpsons. I have no idea what that guy's name is, but I'll call him Gil. Keep up the good work Gil!