Video: Deep Into the Media Marathon, Drew is Somehow Peppier Than Kelly Ripa

Damn, he must be getting tired now. He lost the scarf for Regis & Kelly. I bet his neck was getting all sweaty underneath all the hot studio lights (and who wants to be sweaty in front of Kelly Ripa's MILFtastic ass?) I will bet you one genuine Cobi Jones dread that that white shirt has a collar the color of wheat bread by the time he gets back to the hotel.


Lucas said...

Is all this disgusting fat guy porn just a response to all the haters who said you were posting too much about Portland.

EricJ said...

A guy is pimping an mls team and mls on national tv and you complain? Get a life.

Binks said...

I hate to admit I saw this yesterday morning. I hate the cheerleader bitch. Seriously.

joel es latest soccer news said...

Carey is a great interview.

Lucas said...

Who is complaining? Maybe the word "disgusting" threw you, but I happen to love seeing the same corpulent mound of shit 5 times on the front page of my favorite soccer blog. It's my weird fetish.

Keep up the great work, SF, and I mean that.

Scott said...

Wow Lucas. You're, like, the biggest MLS fan EVER!

Can I go to a game with you and spend 2 hours complaining about the "same, drunk, unoriginal know-nothing, bandwagon-jumping fans sing the same stupid songs every freaking game"? Can I?


Keep up the great commentary, Lucas, and I mean that.

Lucas said...


What the hell are you talking about? Did you mean to write all that in response to someone else? Can't imagine what it has to do with what I wrote.

Relax man, you're frothing up a bit, and it's unseemly.