Taylor Twellman a Surprising Indicator of How Bad The Economy Really Is


How bad is it? So bad that Forbes is covering Taylor Twellman's fantasy baseball league. If this is what the rich man is checking for right now we are all well and truly screwed. My advice to start putting all your money in canned goods and shotguns.


mvann said...

Someone wasted Forbes time by writing this. C'mon there's certainly better stuff to write about. I'm a soccer & baseball guy, too. But soccer is much, much closer to my heart. The only thing I got out that article is that he hates Barry Bonds. How could you not like a man who says that? :)

JL said...

ooo! SF just said to put your money in canned goods and shotguns! be careful man, according to the MIAC that kind of attitude, means you 'coulds bees a trrorst'!