TOR Let Inside Red Bull Arena, No One Perishes


So I spent my morning touring Red Bull Arena with a few other season ticket holders and I'd be lying if I didn't say that it left me feeling more than a little antsy for the thing to open. I'm at peace with waiting until 2010, but when your starter wife is this big, aged, mean, ugly chick that you've been with for ages (Giants Stadium) and then you get to meet the pretty, new, properly-proportioned beauty that will be your second wife you can't help but want to find the next flight to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce.

Oh well, I must be patient though and luckily this year will bring enough happy distractions (my son is now running without falling and we have a daughter due in May) to help this season fly past a la Dane Richards making a move on the right. But to help tide us all over I'll briefly share what I can remember though all of my stadium p0rn fantasies that will haunt the rest of my day.


First of all the weather was just awful. Cold, wet and muddy but I hardly noticed since I was trying to take in everything around me. See that crane? They've already sent one home and the rest of those should be gone by the end of April. They'll also be adding a second camera to the Red Bull Arena website so that we'll all be able to see the progress going on the inside as well as the outside.


RBNY's chief honcho Erik Stover was giving the tour. Always a nice guy and I like the fact that he's not too high on his horse to give a tour at 9 a.m. in the rain to a bunch of paying schlubs like myself. He & his staff threw out load of info that I can't even remember but here's a few bullet points:

-There are fewer rows in both tiers of RBA than in the bottom tier of Giants Stadium; you will be close enough to smell Woly's finger if you so choose.

- When asked about RBA's similarity to Austria's Hypo-Group Arena, I was told that they are identical except for 1) RBA's lower bowl in concrete while HGA's is aluminum 2) RBA will have a fabric roof and 3) HGA has a larger seating capacity.

- The section behind the goal that is designated for the ESC WILL be numbered 101. Nice show of respect by the FO in my opinion.

- In the upper deck, there will only be concessions on the one sideline, none in the end zones (so stock up before the game and avoid making a trip at half-time).

- Not one construction worker whistled at a single woman on the tour.

- The field level will be a foot and a half higher than it is currently. It will be all Kentucky Blue Grass.

- Sometime tomorrow the team will launch a website similar to Seattle's where you can see the view of the stadium from every seat in the house. Eventually you will be able to use this to choose your seats.


The photo above was taken from the second row at what will be the half-way line...and the roof comes that far out. Won't it be nice to be able to see a game in the rain and not go home sick? Won't it be nice for the roar of the crowd to not go floating away over the swamps of East Rutherford? The downside though is there is apparently some concern about how much light will reach the grass pitch. Also sometime in April they'll begin attaching the roof and side-wrapping on the outside of the stadium


This is the side of the park that will have the club seats. For $3k a seat you'll get 18 games and unlimited food and drink for the entire season. I can make them regret that.


Dunny said...

Looking pretty sick! Can't wait to get out of Giants Stadium FOREVER!

EricJ said...

I am jealous of your stadium.

Dill said...

The only reason I enjoy taking the PATH.

Martek said...

Here in Houston, where the only consistent news we get is just how close we are to a deal, this is in deed stadium porn. You guys are going to have a great little playpen up there.

As it is in just about all sports (the Knicks being the sole holdout), when you get the ball rolling in New York, everyone else had best be on their best game. Dynamo, of all teams, had better know that now. And now with that park you guys have, everyone had better know that.

John said...

one thing you left out about the differences between rba and hga...

i believe hga has a field-turf type surface and not natural grass.

i could be wrong though...they may have changed it for the euros.

Cindy said...

hot fire!

peter_tfc said...

Love it, looks awesome, the best in North America. Until I found out your stadium wouldn't be ready this year I was willing to drag my wife to New York (I know it's in Jersey, but she doesn't know that), instead we'll have to go to Chicago in late September. Hope to see you next year though as we lay another beating on you poor underachievers.

Anonymous said...

Get 'er done!

Probably Won't Fly said...

I propose renaming our team Red Bull New York 2010 to signify our growing up into this stadium. I feel like it will the true marking point of our franchise.

Anonymous said...

Fabric roof?? BOOOOOO!! Metal roofs create the loud echo

marc said...

Loved the pics...thanks. Was wondering if there has been any word from the club if they plan to help folks navigate their way over from Newark Penn Station to Harrison???

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