T.O.R Exclusive: A Peek at the Starting XI Girls Calendar


C'mon now, you know you want some of that. I can't give the whole cow away but that's just a taste of the milk on offer in the Wizards Starting XI Girls calendar. I mentioned before that they're gonna get it in next week at The Mint Lounge in K.C. Mo but I'd like to point out that if you're dirty but not local or you want to get a jump on purchasing your monthly flesh fix you can order it now from KCSoccerStore.com. So don't sleep, order yours now or your desk will be even less sexier than it is now (if that's possible).


Josef said...

This alone makes me want to be a Kansas City fan.

Anonymous said...

2 things: that bottom is hangin' kinda low (and that is not a complaint). Also what i wouldn't give to know what that tatoo is.