This Just In: Anheuser-Busch Join St. Louis Expansion Push


Damn, talk about a 90th minute push for an equalizer. While the New Soccer Nation waits around for word from the Portland City Council, Anheuser-Busch has gotten in on Jeff Cooper's action in St. Louis but it might be too little late. They're essentially signing over the deed to a soccer park they own that has a small stadium. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but wasn't St. Louis' stadium plan the strongest thing about their bid and it was cash that they needed? And apparently this new site has a few issues that would most likely set the construction timetable back significantly.

Perhaps this is just a way to flag down The Don on his way to the departure lounge before he gets on a flight toward the Pacific Northwest; the league has issued an official press release so they are taking it seriously. That Anheuser's big bucks would be a great asset to the league is certain, whether they actually plan on kicking in though doesn't seem certain from the article. The logo would be completely fantastic on jersey though...an instant American classic.


Anonymous said...

I hope St. Louis gets a team just for Jeff Cooper. I wished he owned Chivas USA.

Also, Im sure the beer garden at the stadium would be fantstic.


FC Uptown said...

Terrific find.

Anonymous said...

InBev owns AB, InBev is Euro, Euros love soccer.

This may be the only thing I've ever heard about AB that is remotely redeeming.

Anonymous said...

I am so pumped about this right now. I am from St. Louis and if they could get that flooding issue under control it would be a great location in the heart of St. Louis. Also, if you want to do a little digging then you could find that there is a HUGE Chrysler plant right down the road that would be perfect for a stadium as well. Just a thought.

Binks said...

If any of you think that this has something to do with InVev loving soccer. You are offcially high.

Take a look at their last quarterly you'll see that the buyout of Anheuser-Busch could kill the company. They are shedding everything they can to stay in the black and it's not going well. Profits were down 95% last quarter.

If this move benefits them in terms of unloading something that cost them more than they were getting in return, they are happy to do so. This was also a primary complaint of everyone in St. Louis as this company had subsidized many things that the city and taxpayers could not afford to do themselves.

A short term win in the interests of the St, Louis franchise movement is an example of the long term tragedy of this buyout.

This saddens me.

papi grande said...

while i think the publicity produced by this is great for the st. louis bid, there is NO WAY an MLS stadium can be built on this site. i was just at this soccer park in november 2008 to walk around and relive some fond memories. i played there in several competitive youth tournaments back in the mid to late 80's as it used to be the premier soccer park in the midwest at that time. it is still a great site for youth soccer but due to space limitations, lack of parking space, highway access, and the proximity of the river, this is not a viable location for an 18,500 person stadium. this is a last ditch attempt by the st. louis bid to get an expansion spot. unfortunately, as soon as the league digs into this site a little more they will realize how not suitable it is for the required stadium.

peteo said...

Mann, buzzkills. Thanks for the follow-up guys. Still wishing good soccer comes to St. Louis though.

Anonymous said...

Too late muther fucker. Btter luck next year.