T Dot Pulls Up With DeRo Yardie Anthem

Hear me now Toronto! Push your lighters up for the #1 champion sound of Napz & Vox. Two of the Red Patch Boys chief rockers are coming at you live & direct with that exclusive dubplate fire for the man like DeRo aka "The Origianl Bandelero". Come down my selecta!

All praise to The Most High for not letting that bumbaclot Snow kill the art of toasting in Canada.

Ed. Note: This post works best when read in a shouty Jamaican cab driver voice. Also 'nuff respect to Duncan K. for the heads up.


joel es latest soccer news said...

De Ro will be a legend in TOronto.

Cindy said...

i still love informer haha Lordavmercy!

LittleRockAnt said...

big up big up!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, horrible.