Stuffing The (Musical) Ballot Box For Soccer


Our kid Sterlinho hipped me to this contest the Seattle Times is doing with hometown hip hoppers Blue Scholars (who feature one-half of T.O.R cosigned rhymers Common Market). The duo are letting Times readers choose the topic of their next song by way of a poll on the paper's website. At present the topic "Sounders FC" seems to be running away with the vote (probably due to a messageboard-managed run on the polls from the ECS) with 46% of the tally.

There are other interesting topics to vote for such as "Seattle's abundance of teriyaki (14% or 151 votes)" and "Gravity is annoying (4% or 44 votes)" but I think we all know who needs to win this thing so cast your ballot here. Unless you are a Portlander then feel free to vote for "Graffiti artists: Vandals or Van Goghs?" which is always a lively debate.

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