Seattle Sells Out Home Opener


Take a bow Jet City....all 32,000 of you.


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peteo said...

Every expansion team should sell out its first game. The surprise is the capacity and SSFC has done well.

brucio said...

the galaxy had over 65000 for their first ever game

what did new york have? probably a huge number too

i bet every mls team has had huge numbers for their first ever game - so what

the best part is the # of season tickets they have sold

but then again, even this sell out will leave the stadium at only 48% full

lets keep things in perspective here

Lucas said...

But brucio, ssfc is only selling 32K seats for soccer games, so this is technically a 100% sellout. If they opened the upper deck I bet they'd sell out the whole place (66k), at least for the opener.

Don't get me wrong, I hate the flounders with every inch of my tiny being, and I hope an asteroid destroys qwest and all the scum inside, sody pop fc included. But I admit I am impressed.

Connor B said...

So why wouldn't they open it all up. Yea costs go up to run those concessions but with 2+ weeks until game time I just don't understand closing it off.

Anonymous said...

that's why you're a poor bastard