Seattle Rookie is Edward Cullen for Footie-Minded Teens

Forget all the painting the town green. Forget the 22K season ticket holders. Forget Fredy Montero fever. Forget all that sh*t. This video is the real proof that Seattle are going where no MLS team has gone before. You know you've truly arrived when you've got teenage girls holed up in their bedrooms composing post-puberty, acoustic stalker anthems to unknown rookies defenders like Evan Brown. Congrats Sounders, you are the new Twilight.


HomeyBoehme said...

No idea how you find this stuff...but my word is it entertaining!

Anonymous said...

is that Alanis Morissette offspring?!

"so technically i'm jailbait....." priceless!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to call Microsoft money backed bullshit here.

It's probably viral and made by some hip west-cost marketing team.

Prove me wrong Seattle... prove me wrong.

Brent said...

Microsoft couldn't find a hip west-coast marketing team if their lives depended on it.

Remember Seinfeld and Bill Gates going shoe shopping? Or, you know, just about any ad for any Microsoft product EVER?

Sterlinho said...

I actually talked to Evan Brown about this chick and he told me that she gave him the lyrics to the song when they were in Argentina. He said that she was actually there in Argentina during pre-season.

Anonymous said...

The jailbait line was great.

Evan Brown is like the modern day Greg Brady with that hair.

Homey Boehme said...

@Sterlinho - Please tell me you are joking. If what you say is true this is even more hilarious...in that scary, weird way.

JL said...

stalker type thing going on here. he probably knows her on a personal level.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that Vancouver guy with the socks who lives with his mom will make a love song to a vancouver player.

Cindy said...

Evan Brown ain't even all that... not stalker worthy at least.

Andrew said...

You done good Evan, lock it down now...or in 6 months.

Sterlinho said...

@ Homey Boehme,
I asked him about this video specifically because it was posted on the GoalSeattle boards and that's what he told me. I thought it was weird so I asked for clarification from him. Maybe we got our wires crossed but that's what he said. The following link shows a picture from when I was talking with him:


Anonymous said...

clarification for everyone:
i know the girl who wrote the song, i was with her when she wrote it and gave it to him.
She wrote it as a joke becuase she knew she was going to be meeting the team. She liked him becuase she plays defense and she always follows defense players first. He also had the best picture at the moment on soundersfc.com :) .
She LIVES in argentina, she wasnt down there stalking him.
And she DOESNT know Evan brown on a personal level, just a fan of the team and she chose to wrote a song for one of the players.

jray! said...

Hey everyone!
I am actually good friends with this girl and she is amazingly nice. I don't know who anonymous is but he/she is correct-that this whole thing was a joke and didnt expect anything to happen, and was pretty shocked when it hit over 100 views. Ironically, at first she didnt want anyone to see it. She is not a stalker but met him through her father, and wanted to go because
1) Her best friend is from seattle and is an intense soccer player and is obsessed with every Seattle sports team.
2) She also plays soccer, and is a deffender like Evan Brown.

She's not madly in love with him, she did this whole thing as a joke to begin with.

mandylikesounders said...

haha i love you jessie.
the comments are funny, but yeah im not a stalker:)
i wouldnt be a very good one obviously.