Rebranding: It's Not Just For MLS Clubs Anymore


Looks like things done changed at Major League Soccer Magazine. It's now bluntly titled The Soccer Magazine and you get a free subscription to their online 'zine if you subscribe to the print edition. I wonder if someone else will pick up the license now (the MLS name was licensed for this publication and it was not put out by the league) or if perhaps MLS will create their own publication?


peteo said...

Good magazine so let's see if the content changes with this development. I've always been surprised that MLS doesn't have its own magazine yet.

Toddzilla said...

I don't agree that it was a good mag. If you keep up with online articles, it really felt way behind the times, which is the problem with something that comes out so infrequently.

They also had a half-ass organization that gave me the honor of paying $30 for 3 issues. Needless to say, I'll not be subscribing again.